Legal Considerations for Tactical Medical Responders: For Both the Individuals and Agencies

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This book is about protecting our protectors. The men and women, and the agencies they work for, who go out every day and risk their lives to protect and serve the public.

The purpose of this book is to highlight the common reasons why liability lawsuits occur with the use of tactical medical responders (Fire, EMS, Police), as well as how to prepare and protect yourself and your department.

Good training by qualified instructors, and well thought out, expertly prepared policies and procedures are your best shields against liability.

Injuries or other conditions which require medical attention happen all too frequently in public safety situations. Sometimes, this medical need is provided by a medically trained civilian, and sometimes it is a law enforcement officer who has been trained to address these situations.

Regardless of who is providing the medical services, there are LEGAL CONSIDERATIONS.

We live in a world in which liability must be considered at all times, both civil and criminal. This book is a broad brush attempt to address these concerns so that law enforcement Responders and civilians working for or with law enforcement can avoid getting themselves entangled in a lawsuit of their own.

For better or for worse, we live in an era in which it isn’t enough for us to know how to do our jobs, we also need to know how to do our jobs without getting sued. What makes sense for our industries may set us up for liabilities in ways we hadn’t even considered.


“The use of tactical medical responders is something new to the scene. Up until Mr. Di Giorgio’s effort, there wasn’t a good reference manual for departments and responders to look to for guidance. Now there is!” – Lori B. Duff, Esquire

“Raffaele crafts the standard of care for tactical medical responders in a manner that crystalizes his knowledge of the subject matter and his proven experience all enfolded within a spectacular sense of humility.” -Paul Michael Viollis, Sr. Ph.D.

This book is recommended reading by the Anti-Terrorism Accreditation Board (ATAB) as well as the Center for Law Enforcement Technology, Training and Research Inc. (LETTR Inc.), a not-for-profit Corporation.

Do yourself a favor. Be bold and take the first concrete step—Download this Book NOW and be proactive in protecting yourself and the agency you work for.

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